Get Involved

The EMPEA Institute will be organized as a research and education non-profit entity under U.S. IRS tax
rules, which will allow it to receive grants and other funding from a broad array of institutions, foundations,
endowments, U.S. government agencies and development institutions, as well as make it eligible to receive
tax-deductible donations from supporting visionaries.

Now, via the EMPEA Institute, other non-profit institutions with shared goals in our markets as well as individual donors in our network, who are wholeheartedly dedicated to the work we do, will be able to contribute to new research and education to advance entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging economies and our industry.

We invite you to be a part of this new, exciting initiative. We would be delighted to brainstorm with you as to which projects and programs you and your firm would be interested in supporting. In whatever capacity you choose, we encourage you to provide your leadership and insights to our forward-looking industry research and educational initiatives. Contact [email protected] to begin the conversation and learn more.