About Us

The EMPEA Institute is a research and education platform founded to accelerate the use of private capital in support of entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging markets. The Institute seeks to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in emerging markets, identify and foster the most disruptive and scalable ideas and practices, and aims to build capacity around them. The Institute also engages with emerging markets public sector policy-makers and regulators to drive awareness as to how to support sustainable economic development by fostering the important interaction between entrepreneurship and innovation. We play an active role in establishing and fostering eco-systems conducive to private equity, private credit and venture capital. Without the appropriate enabling environment, entrepreneurship, innovation and private markets cannot thrive.

The Institute’s work:

1) Encourages the important interaction between entrepreneurship and innovation with private equity and venture capital financing;

2) Empowers existing and new pools of international, regional and local institutional investors to invest in emerging market private capital funds;

3) Enables global government officials and regulators to effectively support sustainable economic development through the private capital industry; and

4) Engages with like-minded organizations and industry leaders to pursue share objectives.

The EMPEA Institute is funded through grants and tax-deductible donations.